T11 Home Page


This is the WWW home page for Technical Committee T11, which is the committee within INCITS responsible for Fibre Channel Interfaces. T11 (previously known as X3T9.3) has been producing interface standards for high-performance and mass storage applications since the 1970s.

This is a "working" web page that contains the committee document register, membership and project information etc. It is NOT a source for product and tutorial information on Fibre Channel - please see the Fibre Channel Industry Association web site (http://www.fibrechannel.org) for such information.

The T11 web site has now been modified to reflect the INCITS Policy on Document Access as defined in section 2.2 of the RD-1.


The INCITS Fibre Channel (T11) Technical Committee gratefully acknowledges the help of the following individuals and organizations:


Please contact one of the T11 officers, if you have questions about T11. If you have comments on any of the T11 web pages, please contact the T11 webmaster (webmaster at mail dot t11 dot org). This page was last modified on June 29, 2017f.